Episode 12

Published on:

25th Apr, 2024

Episode 11

Published on:

19th Dec, 2023

Episode 10

Published on:

2nd Dec, 2023

Episode 9

Published on:

25th Nov, 2023

Episode 8

Published on:

18th Nov, 2023

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About the Podcast

Parklands Carecast
Welcome to Parklands CareCast, a heartwarming and eye-opening podcast series celebrating the remarkable 30-year journey of Parklands Care Homes in the north of Scotland.

CareCast is a 10-part series which will take listeners on a fun-filled and often emotional journey into the world of care homes.

Join us as we meet Ron Taylor, the Managing Director who founded Parklands Care Homes, and his extraordinary team of passionate staff as they share their inspiring journey, their commitment to excellence in care, and their deep connection with the local community. From tea parties to pride events and community playschemes, Parklands is rooted in the communities it serves.

We’ll hear from care staff who have remained loyal to Parklands for decades, and some who have even travelled from around the world to make Parklands their new home. And we'll listen to the voices of the remarkable people they care for, whose lives are filled with laughter, love and appreciation.

To find out more about Parklands and its award winning approach to care, visit parklandsgroup.com